Running Track

Areas for Exercise

One of the main ideas of the corniche was to build in some areas where people can exercise and for this reason the corniche has a built in running track for joggers and serious runners which is laid out in green. The track has distance markers every 100m so that you know exactly how far you have gone and can gauge how far you want to go before you need to turn back!

The running track is laid out in green next to the boulevard which is a terracotta color and has signs showing a person running alongside so you really can’t miss it.

The running track starts at the Burj al Arab end of the corniche, passes by the beach areas and does wind around some roads that are close to the beach once you get further along. It is 4m wide so there is plenty of room for runners in each direction when it is busy. What nicer place to run than alongside a view of a fabulous beach?

Take a Rest

Along the side of the track are stopping points where you can rest in a shaded area, you can workout on the gym equipment, or you can stop for something to eat or drink. There are also lots of unshaded benches alongside the running track for a quick break if you need one.

The track is specifically designed for jogging/running which makes it easier on the knees than perhaps running on a standard road. Alongside the track for at least part of the way is the boardwalk where people who don’t fancy running can take a leisurely stroll in view of the beach.

Jumeirah Corniche also has toilet facilities and free wifi access if you need them.

The running track can be fairly busy on Fridays and public holidays when the weather is good so obviously it is something that is popular with the residents of Dubai.