Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Jumeirah Corniche:

Is there a Cycle Track at Jumeirah Corniche?

No Cycling at Jumeirah Corniche
No Cycling at Jumeirah Corniche

When the plans were initially drawn up there was supposed to be a cycle track at Jumeirah Corniche – and in fact some of the early press reports mentioned being able to cycle the length of the Corniche but it does not appear at the moment that there is a specific cycle track.

In fact there are specific signs saying that no cycling is allowed and in the rules of the boardwalk it states no cycling and no rollerskating along the corniche, which has annoyed many potential visitors to the corniche.

Perhaps in time a cycle track will be opened up and if so we will update you on that.

Can you park at Jumeirah Corniche?

Yes there is quite a bit of public parking along the length of the Corniche although this is likely to become busy at weekends and public holidays. Much of the parking is paid parking spaces so make sure you have your Nol card or some money with you to pay for parking.

Where is Jumeirah Corniche?

Jumeirah Corniche is a 14km long stretch which spans the beach area between the Dubai Marine Beach Resort and the Burj al Arab. The centre of the corniche can be seen on the Google map shown below:

How Do I Get to the Corniche?

If you are not able to drive to the corniche but instead wish to use public transport then you will need to use a bus to make at least the last leg of your journey. You could use the tram or the Metro to get as close as possible but neither of those will take you to the corniche.

For example:

  • if you go to the Sharaf DG metro station you can take the number 81 bus towards Umm Suqiem 1.
  • if you take the tram to the Al Sufouh terminal you have a 3 minute walk to the bus stop to take the X28 bus towards Lulu village.
  • from the other direction you can get the X28 from the Al Jafiliya seaside metro bus stop

Generally if you can get on the X28 bus then this will take you within a short walk of the boardwalk and the corniche. You can find the X28 timetable (as at October 2016) here.

Can I get Refreshments at Jumeirah Corniche?

Yes there are some restaurants and cafes located along the Corniche so that you can have a bite to eat or a drink.


gym-equipmentIs There Workout Equipment at Jumeirah Corniche?

Yes there is outdoor gym equipment available at Jumeirah Corniche so that you can do some gym style work as well as running. This equipment is specifically designed to be used outside and is a great addition to the corniche for fitness lovers.

There are different pieces of equipment along various stretches of the boardwalk.


What Are The Kite Surfing Rules at Jumeirah Corniche?

There is a specific area of the beach that is set aside for kite surfing (and has been for quite a number of years) and is often known as ‘Kite Beach’. But in order to keep it safe for everyone there are certain rules around that are of beach which are as follows:



Are There Toilets at Jumeirah Corniche?

Yes there are male and female toilets at various intervals along the corniche.

Is There Disabled Access to the Beach?

Yes there are points at which a ramp has been built to make it easier for those using a wheelchair to access the beach.


Are Dogs Allowed at Jumeirah Corniche?

Unfortunately there are signs at the corniche with things that you cannot do and one of those things prohibits pets and dogs at the boulevard and running track which is a shame as it would be a lovely place to take a dog for a walk or run.