About Jumeirah Corniche

Hello and welcome to Jumeirah-Corniche.com. On this site we aim to provide you with plenty of information about Jumeirah Corniche in Dubai and what you can do there. Check out the posts shown on the right hand side for specific information or have a look at the FAQs if you have questions about the corniche area.

Jumeirah Corniche was opened in October 2014 after substantial building works costing around 100 million dirhams and taking a year to complete and now offers a fabulous place to run, walk, eat, relax, swim or whatever you fancy doing at a beach location.

There is a marked out running track next to a wide walking boulevard. There are areas to eat and drink. There are also shaded benches so that you can just sit and look at the sea if that takes your fancy.


The corniche is 14km long and runs from Dubai Marine Beach Resort to the Burj al Arab Hotel, which makes it the longest corniche in Dubai. Some of the work is still ongoing and it will be a while before the corniche is used to its full capacity.

Jumeirah Corniche will eventually be linked to the Walk at Jumeirah Beach Resort and also to the walkways that will form part of the Dubai Canal for which the work is currently still ongoing.

The government of Dubai have stated that the aim of Jumeirah Corniche is to enable people to live a more happy and healthy life by enabling more opportunities for exercise and relaxation as well as being a great meeting point for friends and families. It looks like they are on their way to achieving this with the way that Jumeirah Corniche has been set up.

There are also various kiosks along the Jumeirah Corniche where food and drink and other items can be purchased by those visiting so that if you haven’t bought a picnic with you, you will be well catered for! Although at the moment, at not so busy times, not all of the kiosks are open, so it may take a little while for everything to get properly up and running.

The Corniche is not only aimed at residents and expats of Dubai but is also touted as a great place for visitors to come and experience a beautiful beachfront location. Anyone who is looking for a free beach in Dubai where you do not have to pay for access would do well to choose Jumeirah Corniche for a lovely day out.